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January 20, 1894

A condemnation of the unjust a trial of a lynched man

January 20, 1894

A group of white men voice their opinions regarding the lynchings in Virginia.

February 3, 1894

A black man is held accountable for his attempted lynching at his home.

February 3, 1894

A new lynch law that is supposed to reduce the number of lynchings faces various critiques over its ineffectiveness..

February 10, 1894

A white man wearing black face attacks a white man in his home.

February 10, 1894

Governor O'Ferrall pardons a lyncher, claiming his actions did not merit the punishment he had received, which was a year in jail.

February 17, 1894

A black man in Georgia is skinned alive near his own home.

March 23, 1894

A black man is lynched after being accused of murder, but his attackers have yet to be convicted and remain unknown.

March 24, 1894

A black man who was convicted of murdering a white man was lynched by a group of white men with the help of the sheriff.

April 28, 1894

Four black men are lynched after being accused of murdering a white man in Louisiana.
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