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September 12, 1896

A black man and his wife were tortured and killed by lynchers, and the paper advocates for return violence.

September 5, 1896

Race relations devolved into a violent battle in an Alabama town after a black prisoner was arrested.

August 22, 1896

Italian tourists in Louisiana are lynched, bringing the subject of lynching briefly to international attention.

July 18, 1896

The paper comments and reports on a recent anti-lynching speech by Reverend Thames.

June 20, 1896

The brutal lynching from last week’s paper, in which black criminals were taken and killed in the middle of their legal trials, is given an official response by the governor.

June 6, 1896

White mobs ignore the judicial system to lynch black criminals, giving them brutal and inhumane deaths by mob.

May 23, 1896

Jack Trice fought and killed several white men when they came to lynch his fourteen year old son.

May 9, 1896

The Planet publishes a reader letter that speaks of a lyncher left unpunished in his hometown.

October 31, 1896

Tensions build in Greenwood, Mississippi, after a black man in lynched and a white man is shot.

February 3, 1894

A new lynch law that is supposed to reduce the number of lynchings faces various critiques over its ineffectiveness..
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