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February 29, 1896

John Mitchell Jr. gives a speech on lynching.

February 1, 1896

In Mississippi, a white mob lynched two black men.

February 1, 1896

A mob stopped and lynched two black criminals who were on their way to being formally tried and sentenced.

November 11, 1899

An innocent black man is hanged, and Mitchell notes that "a race war is threatened."

October 14, 1899

Mitchell condemns South Carolina for their Supreme Court ruling against a black man who was lynched after being set free, and says “these are the people who will not conform to their own laws.”

January 18, 1896

The Planet criticizes the recent council meeting in Lunenburg that claimed that prisoners who were nearly lynched never faced actual danger.

January 18, 1896

A married couple is murdered because the husband was a white man and the wife a black woman.

April 11, 1896

A bill is passed making officials liable for lynchings that occur when they had authority.

March 7, 1896

The Lunenburg Trial approaches, and hundreds of black men have gathered before the courthouse to alert the police of any unlawful mobs gathering to lynch the innocent women.

September 19, 1896

Two black Methodist preachers were assaulted by a gang of lynchers, one was killed by them and the other died later of complications.
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