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January 25, 1902

John Mitchell, Jr., gives a powerful speech drawing on his intense experiences of oppression growing up, gaining support and respect on behalf of the black community.

May 11, 1907

Florida tries to pass a bill abolishing the Fifteenth Amendment. Black people will no longer be allowed to vote if the bill passes.

January 27, 1900

The Richmond Dispatch continues to support “Jim Crow Car” bill, but urges the presence of “colored women.”

September 26, 1896

In preparation for the Republican convention, members of the Lamb political faction meet.

November 7, 1908

In a landslide Republican election, William H. Taft is elected President and James. S. Sherman Vice President; The Planet reports the voting results for each state.

March 6, 1897

The Chicago Times-Herald recounts the story of a messenger for the Confederacy that fails in his mission.

August 19, 1905

The Richmond City Council passes an ordinance to expand the city limits.

February 15, 1908

Congress hosts a banquet at Manhattan Casino in honor of Charles W. Anderson, one of the first black political leaders.

June 9, 1906

Arthur Pue Gorman, one of the most inveterate and dangerous enemies of the black community, dies, and The Planet says that his suffering helped him “atone to some extent at least for the great injury he did to us.”

January 13, 1900

The Planet argues against The Richmond Daily Dispatch on “Separate Cars”, pointing out that black people are "humiliated."
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