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January 6, 1894

A cautious analysis and endorsement of Gov. O’Ferrall’s inauguration address.

January 20, 1894

The Richmond Dispatch confesses electoral fraud in Virginia.

January 20, 1894

The federal government’s budget under Cleveland’s Administration is in crisis.

January 27, 1894

The Negro Democratic League of America pushes for President Cleveland to appoint a “Negro” to an office.

February 3, 1894

A diplomat of the United States refuses to meet with the President of the new nation of Haiti.

March 10, 1894

Black men have yet to be confirmed into a position in the Democrat-controlled federal government.

March 17, 1894

A plea from a newspaper asking for Virginians to question the passing of the Watson Bill as it is voted in the House of Delegates.

April 7, 1894

Martial law is imposed after the government fails to enforce the dispensary law, which create government-owned liquor stores.

April 7, 1894

President Cleveland vetoed the Bland Seigniorage Bill, a bill that would have converted the Silver bullion in the treasury into coin, causes objections from the Southern and Western States.

April 14, 1894

A Democratic politician, who made speeches against black people, was found dead under the bed of a black prostitute.
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