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June 5, 1909

A new daylight savings bill is introduced by Representative Peters, which “provides the arrangement of time shall be known as universal time.”

June 5, 1909

President Taft is the “central figure” in the service commemoration for the Gettysburg fighting of June and July 1863, where his daughter will “unveil the monument” for the soldiers.

May 15, 1909

President Roosevelt warns Japan that America will have to intervene if they cannot enforce their new labor policies.

February 20, 1909

An "amendment to the naval bill" is passed allowing for half of the Navy to be placed in the Pacific Coast.

January 23, 1909

“Governor Elect” Simeon Pennewill is sworn into office by his brother, who used an ancient Latin Bible.

September 10, 1898

With the Spanish-American war at an end, the United States claims Spain's territories in the Western Hemisphere.

September 10, 1898

Paris sends an update on the infamous Dreyfus affair.

January 2, 1909

An American consul, Arthur S. Cheney, and his wife die in the midst of an “earthquake disaster”.

January 2, 1909

Dutch population eagerly awaits the coronation of their new queen, an effort that has “twice before” failed to happen.

February 29, 1896

White politicians break their promise to send a black representative to the National Republican Convention.
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