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March 24, 1906

Two men are identified and arrested as bank robbers and “leaders of the “Black Hand” in this region.”

March 3, 1907

The US treasury in Chicago experiences the greatest robbery of federal money in history.

August 17, 1907

In Onacock, Virginia, black families receive notes on their door that threaten violence if they do not leave town.

June 4, 1898

The Planet expresses the frustration of many African Americans at the continued lynching of innocent men despite war abroad.

January 30, 1897

A teenaged “colored” boy is shot and killed in Wytheville after a fight with a white boy and the officers trying to arrest him.

November 28, 1903

A black man is “brutally murdered by a gang of white hoodlums” in New Orleans.

December 19, 1896

A white man commits a murder of his black coworker over an argument.

January 4, 1896

A group of unjustly imprisoned black women and a man wait in prison for retrial.

February 15, 1896

A White man murders a black man to get out of paying him five cents.

September 16, 1899

A jury votes to hang a black man for robbery after being rushed by the judge to finish.
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