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January 6, 1894

Gov. McKinney pardons a white man who murdered a black man and never served a sentence.

January 6, 1894

Gov. Philip W. McKinney pardons a “Negro” man after he served a long prison term for allegations of adultery with a white woman.

January 27, 1894

A “Negro” man was wrongfully convicted by authorities and mistreated in prison.

March 3, 1894

A black man stands his ground as white men try to force him out of his new neighborhood.

March 31, 1894

The men who lynched Isaac Jenkins have yet to be indicted for his lynching, while Jenkins is being moved around from court to court.

April 7, 1894

Isaac Jenkins still has not received justice after being lynched, as his lynchers are walking free.

April 21, 1894

A mother pleads to the Governor of Virginia to stay the execution of her son, who is charged with the death of two white women in Manassas, Virginia.

May 5, 1894

A string of crimes report that white men who have attacked or sexually assaulted black women are usually not prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

May 5, 1894

A black man is found guilty of raping a white girl, and the governor is allowing his sentence to death as per the constitution of Virginia.

May 12, 1894

A black man from Arkansas who had been diagnosed with smallpox is burned to death by a group of white man.
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