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June 12, 1909

A near fatal brawl between two men for possession of a cigarette is instigated by an argument over who should smoke it.

June 12, 1909

A Polish miner is found slain on the Lackawanna railroad tracks with egregious injuries including a fractured skull, bullet holes in his kidneys, and knife wounds on his face.

May 22, 1909

John Lukacs is stabbed and killed by a Miss Pearl Paskyi, who acted in “defense of her honor”, during a dance they were both meant to be in attendance of.

May 15, 1909

David Hirschman confesses to police authorities that he set fire to the shoe store of his brother in order to “collect $7,000 insurance on the stock” for $50.

February 27, 1909

G. E. Loupp, a forger on the run, attempts to commit suicide but loses his nerve and decided to turn himself in and "bear the law’s punishment".

February 20, 1909

Landlord discovers dismembered body of tenant, Mrs. May Hazelton, stuffed inside of trunk.

February 6, 1909

Joseph Janer is apprehended and arrested for the kidnapping and assaulting of an 11 year-old child.

February 6, 1909

A bond broker, Oliver Hazard, is arrested on suspicion of bond forgery.

February 6, 1909

Joseph White, a black man, manages to avoid verdict by appealing for a new trial.

January 23, 1909

Black hand dynamiters suspected to have been the cause of explosion at factory they blew up three years ago.
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