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June 19, 1909

A new cult “Sect of the Crimson God” is investigated by police, and accused of practicing human sacrifices following “repeated disappearances of persons in the region where the sect is active.”

June 12, 1909

Philanthropist Andrew Carnegie is credited with founding 1800 public libraries, his donations “aggregating $51,596,963.”

June 5, 1909

An ocean pier near Cape May, N. J. is nearly demolished by a barge carrying “210 tons of stone” propelled by the tide “for a distance of two miles” before it struck.

May 22, 1909

John H. Sanderson is found dead in his apartment after suffering a heart attack, having been released from Dauphin country court on bail hours earlier.

May 1, 1909

Skeletons of “colonial residents” continue to be found in Princeton, where a private burial ground used to stand.

May 1, 1909

Pastor collapses in the midst of baptizing a child, and is realized to be dead upon inspection.

February 27, 1909

The Protestant Episcopal Church elects two new bishops, Benjamin Brewster and Nathaniel Seymour, to officiate in churches across Colorado and Wyoming.

February 13, 1909

The renowned "Lincoln Coach" is burnt and destroyed in tragic Sharpsville’s Railroad fire.

February 6, 1909

Young mother witnesses her child get gruesomely killed by mountain lion while camping.

February 6, 1909

Richmond’s Finance Committee is asked to put forth $425,000 for the construction of a new High School
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