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February 27, 1909

A $108,000 fine is placed upon the New York Central Railroad Company on the charge of "granting rebates to the American Sugar Company".

February 13, 1909

An explosion causes mine in Russia to collapse trapping 125 miners inside, who fail to be rescued.

March 13, 1897

A black owned bank fails and the reasons are unknown.

February 18, 1905

Augustine Joseph McNorton establishes the first black Catholic newspaper in Washington, D.C.

January 9, 1909

A colored man is struck down by train engine while working on railroad tracks, and loses a leg, which results in his death.

December 9, 1905

The Cohen Company finishes improving its “buyers’ paradise” store.

September 9, 1905

Black businessmen organize the Mercantile and Insurance Company “with a capital stock of $10,000.”

June 19, 1897

Screen Shot 2017-12-18 at 5.25.52 PM.png
The new headquarters for the Planet at 311 North Fourth Street, is portrayed through colorful language and description.

April 29, 1905

Black businessmen in Richmond organize the People’s Real Estate and Investment Company.

November 18, 1905

Steam laundry companies announce an increase in prices, driving customers to “hundreds of colored washer-women, who depend for a livelihood upon this kind of employment.”
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