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March 3, 1894

A recent report of a loan company in Richmond shows that it has not discriminated by race when granting loans, known as redlining.

July 21, 1894

The American Railway Union finally ends their strike of the Pullman Railway Company, after the president is able to suppress their strike in Chicago.

August 25, 1894

With the passage of the tariff bill, the sugar industry in New Orleans is bracing for the worst.

February 2, 1895

The Brooklyn Street-Car Strike comes to an end, but at a significant cost to the company.

April 27, 1895

A white New York man withdraws a $300,000 investment in Virginia real estate because he thinks the state does not enforce its laws.

May 25, 1895

Miners in West Virginia are not being paid fairly for their hard work and can barely afford to support themselves.

January 4, 1896

A letter to the paper bitterly complains about the attempted boycott of the Planet.

January 11, 1896

A black lawyer enjoys great financial success in Kentucky, despite racial bias.

February 1, 1896

White hotel owners refuse to service black students in Connecticut.

February 8, 1896

A Bishop is thrice rejected from hotels, despite his lofty position, due to his race.
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