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February 8, 1896

A Bishop is thrice rejected from hotels, despite his lofty position, due to his race.

February 1, 1896

White hotel owners refuse to service black students in Connecticut.

December 30, 1899

An organization promises to "alleviates the wants of its members weekly while sick, and drying up the tears of their loved ones in death."

December 16, 1899

A store offers a holiday sale for pianos and organs "at greatly reduced prices."

December 9, 1899

An advertisement for work that requests the help of 50 black women, and offers to provide transit to "New York and other Northern cities."

December 9, 1899

A advertisement for a book that "shows that man is the product of his natural and social surroundings," and "that the South is no exception to the general rule."

December 9, 1899

An advertisement that offers a skin care, hair care, and odor care all in one.

November 18, 1899

This is a letter to the editor that says that issues in America stem from labor, and that the racial divide can be solved through labor unions.

October 7, 1899

A fire destroys many homes, and leaves 120 black families homeless.

January 11, 1896

A black lawyer enjoys great financial success in Kentucky, despite racial bias.
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