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June 12, 1909

An agreement between United Hatters of North America and the manufacturers is reached after a strike that “has closed twenty-two hat factories.”

May 22, 1909

Several major fuel companies merge, leaving them with a capitol stock of $37,650,000 control of over “200,000 acres of coal land” across several states.

May 15, 1909

Twenty lives lost after “premature blast of dynamite” in a stone quarry near South Bethlehem, the “one thousand pounds of dynamite” left the bodies of the victims hurled hundreds of feet from the explosion sight.

May 8, 1909

Biggest oil price change occurs after 2 years of price stagnancy.

May 8, 1909

The miners and operators of the major coal regions sign labor agreement representing the workers rights.

May 1, 1909

Virginian judge restricts liquor licenses drastically spurring the shutdown of over 40 local saloons.

February 27, 1909

A $108,000 fine is placed upon the New York Central Railroad Company on the charge of "granting rebates to the American Sugar Company".

February 13, 1909

An explosion causes mine in Russia to collapse trapping 125 miners inside, who fail to be rescued.

January 9, 1909

A colored man is struck down by train engine while working on railroad tracks, and loses a leg, which results in his death.

February 15, 1896

The writer calls for legal action against hotel proprietors who refused a respected man service because he was black.
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