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February 1, 1902

An advertisement for the Women’s Union in Richmond provides information on their location, board (they mention that Maggie Walker is the treasurer), and benefits.

August 30, 1902

J.P. Morgan meets for conferences about the coal miner strike, concluding that “he positively will not in any way interfere with the progress of the strike.”

January 11, 1902

White brick-layers go on strike when contractors hire blacks over them. The Planet suggests that African American bricklayers form their own unions, since they are excluded from whites’.

August 2, 1902

“A threatening crowd” of over 1,000 “hooting and hollering” strikers quit work and stone many non-union workers.

May 17, 1902

At a convention in Hazleton, the “ballot [shows] a decided majority for a permanent strike” by the 145,000 coal miners fighting for better working conditions.

February 22, 1902

A black man is falsely accused and arrested for frightening and assaulting a white girl. A third party concludes that this man could not possibly have been present there at that time, and the hat found on the scene did not belong to him, so he is set…

March 22, 1902

The Planet criticizes the Constitutional Convention members for a lack of justice and “following a dark and torturous way.”

June 21, 1902

An entirely negro-run organization provides social benefits to its members who “pay a nominal initiation fee and a small weekly premium”.

January 4, 1902

Screen Shot 2017-12-01 at 6.31.40 PM.png
The Planet praises the all-black Richmond Beneficial Insurance Company for its growth and acceptance, after overcoming prejudices in the business world.

April 19, 1902

At the recent National Baptist Sunday School Union meeting, at the Fifth Street Baptist Church, the community praises the quality of education and the progress that the group has made to benefit the black youth.
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