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March 15, 1902

A white man “accidentally” kills a black man as he tries to “frighten some colored boys.” He is exonerated for the unintentional murder.

March 8, 1902

The Committee on Roads discusses the proposed bill for segregated streetcars by “negro-haters.” White legislators argue that it is the responsibility of the conductor to assign seats and keep them as segregated as possible.

January 11, 1902

An advertisement for a medication, Asthamalene, from New York City, promises to cure anyone from asthma, mentioning several people's success stories with the product.

July 26, 1902

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The National Convention of the United Mine Workers adopts President Mitchell’s plan to provide a national defense fund for underpaid miners, “raising a fund of $300,000 a week to aid the striking anthracite miners”.

January 11, 1902

The House introduces a bill to repay ex-Confederate soldiers for any wartime property confiscated by General Lee at the end of the war.

January 4, 1902

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A company based in Richmond promotes a new product to bleach black skin and straighten black hair.

April 12, 1902

Harrison Reed takes back his claim that the minister of the Second Baptist Church in Richmond had an affair with his wife. He claims that the alleged witnesses took advantage of his “weakness”, having suffered “continuous harassing, assaulting…

March 8, 1902

Doctors in the House Committee on Public Health discuss that in the next 15 years, they will be able to cure the 300,000 people suffering from consumption, a treatment involving “forced feeding, plenty of air and exercise”.

January 11, 1902

House members debate the Nicaragua Canal Bill and discuss the decision of the United States to control the strategic canal.

May 24, 1902

Mitchell gives a public statement concerning his accusation; the audience “unanimously” decides that he “be restored full standing in the Baptist Church”.
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