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July 26, 1902

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The National Convention of the United Mine Workers adopts President Mitchell’s plan to provide a national defense fund for underpaid miners, “raising a fund of $300,000 a week to aid the striking anthracite miners”.

July 12, 1902

The public is asked to contribute to a national defense fund to aid coal miners with their “struggle for higher wages and a shorter work day”. However, workers are only allowed to accept aid “when their funds are gone”.

July 5, 1902

An Italian railroad worker on strike is killed, marking the “first loss of life as a result of the miners’ dispute”.

July 5, 1902

The “unconstitutional ‘Constitutional’ Convention” in Virginia has come to a close. After being introduced for the “purpose of injuring the Negro,” Mitchell sarcastically claims that it ultimately hurts the white man “the most”…

June 21, 1902

An entirely negro-run organization provides social benefits to its members who “pay a nominal initiation fee and a small weekly premium”.

June 14, 1902

Townspeople of a county “which has witnessed seven tragedies in the past year, murders, accidental killings, and suicides” find the body of “an unknown negro,” tied to a tree.

June 14, 1902

A Colorado mob ties a “Chinaman” to a tree because of his "efforts to run away with a white girl". They threaten him "with death” if he does not leave town.

June 14, 1902

Coal company operators submit letters to John Mitchell, president of the United Mine Workers, declining any negotiation of higher wages due to “the competition of soft coal”.

June 14, 1902

A mob, full of “savagery,” brutally lynches two boys.

May 31, 1902

A scientist, in favor of temperance, experiments by injecting "no fewer than 342 animals" with alcohol to study the substance’s effect on fighting infectious diseases.
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