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May 20, 1905

Maggie L. Walker lectures to women at Swansboro Baptist Church.

November 11, 1899

A black woman responds to a white woman's claims that black mother's do a poor job, and says she "would advise the lady not to write up subjects where her race is so deeply involved in the great wrong and sin they have placed upon this people."

January 16, 1904

A Northern agent advertises for young women “to do plain cooking, ironing and washing for families in and around New York. Nice homes and good wages."

July 21, 1906

Margaret E. Sangster, the main advocate of birth control at the time, voices her opinion that women and girls must learn how to cook and clean in order to be “considered well educated.”

July 22, 1899

A “fat woman” rides her horse into town, and the citizens witness the horse collapsing under her weight.

February 10, 1906

The whole world takes notice when Miss Alice Roosevelt is married because “it is not every day that the daughter of the president gets married.”

January 17, 1903

Women are told that curves are no longer in style, and that skinny is now considered beautiful.

January 18, 1908

A sad poem about a couple’s love growing old, and both doing nothing to save or confront it.

April 19, 1906

The only female bank owner during this time lives in New England, and is the owner “on the basis of her masculine ability.”

July 29, 1899

The Planet states four cases of betrayal caused by women who are deemed untrustworthy.
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