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August 6, 1906

After testifying as a victim against a black man, a white woman’s guilt forces her to confess her perjury.

July 25, 1908

Mrs. Cora Kelley walks three miles to her aunt’s house while still asleep. Upon her arrival at midnight, she knocks on the door until she awakes.

March 7, 1908

Women demand suffrage at a House of Congress meeting and gain support from Senator Robert Owen who states “I give my adherence to this cause with enthusiasm and religious zeal.”

March 2, 1907

The Planet suggests to women the type of hat they should wear based off of their nose structure.

July 21, 1906

The female department of the Knights of Pythias visits Washington and Lee University after appointing a new court.

July 21, 1906

Margaret E. Sangster, the main advocate of birth control at the time, voices her opinion that women and girls must learn how to cook and clean in order to be “considered well educated.”

April 19, 1906

The only female bank owner during this time lives in New England, and is the owner “on the basis of her masculine ability.”

April 12, 1906

An article from “Success Magazine” excitedly shares the progress of women in the past half century, using the new medical colleges for women as a primary example.

April 5, 1906

A mad woman kills her sister over jealousy towards her unfaithful husband, and her defense in court is that “she was so goaded to desperation by her heartless husband.”

March 10, 1906

A young girl and her male teacher physically fight each other in the classroom after “war was declared” between them, the girl proving “that the American girl is abundantly able to take care of herself.”
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