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November 17, 1906

In Mississippi, a white planter is sentenced to life in prison because he attacked a black woman.

October 6, 1906

The article describes multiple educated women’s lives, including the duchess of Westminster and women of Wellesley college who study sewing, writing, and reading.

January 25, 1908

Advice claiming that making others happy will in turn, make women happier as well.

May 13, 1905

The only black female physician in Virginia passes away at her home after building up “a large and devoted patronage” through her work.

August 6, 1898

A newly installed fashion column provides new ways to keep women from suffering heatstroke due to their clothes in the summertime.

January 23, 1904

A contest offers a chance for a free trip to the St. Louis Worlds Fair for three  “colored” women.

November 3, 1906

Girls who have promised to stay single until their thirties dress up in their brother or fathers clothes, as men, pranking the women with whom they flirt.

March 2, 1907

The Planet suggests to women the type of hat they should wear based off of their nose structure.

July 21, 1906

The female department of the Knights of Pythias visits Washington and Lee University after appointing a new court.

January 6, 1901

The Courts of Calanthe deem Mrs. Josephine Graham an honorable leader and Christian.
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