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November 11, 1899

A black woman responds to a white woman's claims that black mother's do a poor job, and says she "would advise the lady not to write up subjects where her race is so deeply involved in the great wrong and sin they have placed upon this people."

December 30, 1899

White women complain after the jobs that promised to pay well and provide them stable work leave them with "great dissatisfaction and discontent."

January 6, 1901

The Courts of Calanthe deem Mrs. Josephine Graham an honorable leader and Christian.

February 9, 1901

The Planet accounts of a female’s bravery as an officer in the confederate army, disguising herself as a man.

January 25, 1902

A list of stereotypes advises women on how to act--and not act.

February 1, 1902

An advertisement for the Women’s Union in Richmond provides information on their location, board (they mention that Maggie Walker is the treasurer), and benefits.

January 17, 1903

Women are told that curves are no longer in style, and that skinny is now considered beautiful.

January 31, 1903

A professor is searching for a good looking young woman to work as his secretary. The application must be accompanied by a photograph.

December 19, 1903

A Woman Engineer”: “Miss Nora Stanton Blatch” is the only woman to graduate “Cornell University” with an engineering degree.

January 16, 1904

A Northern agent advertises for young women “to do plain cooking, ironing and washing for families in and around New York. Nice homes and good wages."
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