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July 29, 1899

A shirt factory that employs many black women does not live up to its promises, leaving the women overworked and underpaid, so many quit.

July 22, 1899

A “fat woman” rides her horse into town, and the citizens witness the horse collapsing under her weight.

February 9, 1901

The Planet accounts of a female’s bravery as an officer in the confederate army, disguising herself as a man.

December 1, 1906

A woman in Philadelphia “solves the problem” of haircuts for black women, turning their hair into works of art.

November 17, 1906

In Mississippi, a white planter is sentenced to life in prison because he attacked a black woman.

November 3, 1906

Girls who have promised to stay single until their thirties dress up in their brother or fathers clothes, as men, pranking the women with whom they flirt.

October 6, 1906

The article describes multiple educated women’s lives, including the duchess of Westminster and women of Wellesley college who study sewing, writing, and reading.

August 12, 1908

A woman admits to lying about being assaulted by a black man, and confesses that he is not guilty and did not lay a hand on her.

August 29, 1908

After her arrest, Kate Howard, a leader in the Springfield race riots, commits suicide by swallowing acid.

August 25, 1906

“By way of emphasizing her determination,” a woman takes over the train and drives full speed ahead without stopping for passengers.
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