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March 1, 1902

The Committee on Roads of the legislature of Virginia reviews a new bill for segregated streetcars. Most whites oppose the bill, especially the conductors who must enforce it.

October 20, 1906

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An advertisement in the Planet shows that beer helps to overcome “shades of crime, disease, and poverty.”

December 5, 1896

The highlights of Booker T. Washington’s famous “Democracy and Education” speech are transcribed.

June 4, 1904

A black woman from New York draws a “knife and made a long Johnson-street razzoo swipe” at the conductor after he demands she sit in the back according to Jim Crow laws.

January 18, 1902

Mitchell positively remarks how black people have transitioned to owning former white slavemasters’ property and successful businesses.

November 6, 1897

A Canadian Minister from Montreal writes to John Mitchell Jr. complementing him on how he bravely champions “the rights of the black race.”

November 10, 1906

The Planet encourages every black person to hear Archbishop Justus J. Evans speak “for the purpose of delivering the helpless from evil.”

January 30, 1897

A fellow newspaper editor from Florida praises John Mitchell Jr.’s influence on the New South, especially for his role in the Lunenburg case.

February 17, 1900

Mr. McGilvray-Cox, a “colored” man, invents a “perfect” stationary engine.

February 16, 1895

After years of serving one family a former slave receives a job in the local capital building as a janitor.
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