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January 6, 1894

A detailed list of the celebration of the Emancipation Proclamation in Richmond.

January 20, 1894

The City Council approves a bond to build an armory for the “colored” troops of Richmond.

January 27, 1894

The story of a renewed movement for “Negroes” to return to Africa

May 26, 1894

Black men are being encouraged to call out other black men who commit crimes, as they do not accurately represent black men.

June 9, 1894

A monument dedicated to the “deeds of valor” of Confederate veterans is unveiled, with a reverend delivering an oration in support of the South.

June 16, 1894

During a Memorial Service for the Battle of Petersburg during the Civil War, a Pastor raises the question whether full National unity has been achieved.

June 18, 1894

The Planet admonishes the The Historical Society of Southern Women and Rev. Mr. Cave for their pro-confederate sentiments.

July 7, 1894

The Planet reviews a novel that deals with the racial prejudiced that is faced in the South in the eyes of a northern Black man.

July 21, 1894

The Commander-in-Chief of the Confederate Union, an organization of Confederate veterans, declares that his organization would fight for the Union, which is met with scorn from the Planet over its sarcastic undertone.

August 4, 1894

The creation of a statue to the memory of John Brown, an abolitionist, generates backlash from Southern press and public.
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