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January 2, 1909

A boxing match between the current heavyweight champion against a “negro” boxer, who clearly dominates the fight against the white fighter.

February 29, 1896

The writer argues against the train car segregation bill.

February 22, 1896

A letter to the editor mocks the proposed segregated train car bill.

November 25, 1899

Booker T. Washington declares the deprivation of constitutional privileges for black southerners may be due in part to the "advisability of the settlement of the [black man] in Northern States."

November 25, 1899

A white woman writes to tell how the most horrid part of the slave trade was the transportation, and says, "never can so much misery be found."

November 18, 1899

Mitchell provides a social commentary on the effects of the "habitual and hopeless drunkard" on the community.

November 11, 1899

A reverend theorizes that recent increases to the army's presence in the Philippines will "likely prolong the struggle.”

November 4, 1899

Mitchell speaks of President McKinley's visit to Richmond, and commends him for visiting even when "he has nothing to gain by visiting Virginia."

November 4, 1899

Mitchell speaks of the how Americans tend to exaggerate events to get a "foreigner get muddled up in ideas concerning the United States."

November 4, 1899

Mitchell writes of the "one disappointing feature" of a fair, where no shops operated by black men are present.
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