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May 8, 1909

An epidemic of storms and tornadoes sweeps through the south leaving hundreds of thousands of dollars in property damage, and claiming a multitude of deaths.

May 8, 1909

Thousands of people in Asiatic Turkey are massacred due to the stage of siege, and warships now on their coasts as well.

May 1, 1909

President Taft frivolously purchases another Virginian horse for his personal collection.

February 27, 1909

Mrs. Matilda Erb "provides a bequest of $10,000" to leave for the care of her favorite horse after she passes away.

February 20, 1909

Discrimination from Labor Unions against colored people leave them without jobs and "in forced idleness".

February 20, 1909

A young couple commits suicide together, due to "lack of funds that prevented their marriage".

September 10, 1898

John Mitchell, Jr. recognizes there are both good and bad blacks as there are good and bad whites.

January 9, 1909

Sickness spreading through stray dogs in Pittsburg kills a man and his wife, leaving their child orphaned

January 9, 1909

Granddaughter of an esteemed war general opposes society’s rules and marries a man of Chinese origin.

January 2, 1909

An advertisement explains a natural way to make dark skin “a lighter natural color”.
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