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March 1, 1902

Recent corruption in the Richmond Baptist Church charges Mitchell with committing a crime “against the church, against the cause of Christ, against the Baptist denomination and against the Negro race.”

October 21, 1899

A letter to the editor that certifies that Mitchell paid $100 for a death claim with regards to a member of the Knights of Pythias.

August 26, 1905

A woman thanks John Mitchell, Jr., and the Knights of Pythias for the “financial help and care” she received after the death of her husband.

July 13, 1907

The Knights of Pythias in Richmond had a grand installation which resulted in the Zion Baptist Church filling up to maximum capacity.

August 8, 1908

A bought of disastrous forest fires in Western Canada destroy homes and kill people, so surrounding cities send money and aid.

November 23, 1895

The Planet praises the Richmond Theological Seminary for its great work in training young men for the gospel ministry.

December 2, 1905

A fire inflicts over $10,000 in damages to the Negro Reformatory in Hanover County.

February 22, 1902

The Planet praises the 5th grammar grade of Baker School for having perfect attendance, with no lates, for 17 ½ weeks straight, and for performing well on examinations. They were rewarded with cake and cream at the teacher’s home.

April 10, 1897

A wedding between two prominent young people is described in detail.

October 31, 1908

A band of horsemen in Alabama threaten the black population because they believe they are taking their jobs and dislike the fact that the farmers are protecting and hiring them.
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