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February 3, 1894

A quick summary of the 1892-1893 school year for the state of Virginia, which shows a slow greater improvement of education of black children.

March 10, 1894

An open letter to the League of American Wheelmen regarding the creation of a new league for black men after they were excluded from the original league.

March 17, 1894

A new seminary opens, and urges black men to join and rally their churches to support the seminary.

May 5, 1894

The education system for black youth in Georgia is slowly getting better according to a recent report.

January 19, 1895

A commercial enterprise project needs Christians to help advertise the organization and to fill jobs.

July 6, 1895

The Planet is calls upon its readers to donate to the Virginia Seminary to prevent the institution from going bankrupt.

July 20, 1895

25 thousand dollars goes missing after the Superintendent of the Democratic Council in Virginia dies.

September 14, 1895

The Grand Fountain, United Order of True Reformers voted away fifty thousand dollars to purchase plans and a copyright without knowing what they were.

November 2, 1895

The Grand Fountain, United Order of True Reformers decided that all its money should be centralized and for all branches to send their money to Richmond.

November 9, 1895

A Reverend at the Passed Officers’ Council of the True Reformers threatens to drive another Reverend out of the city.
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