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October 27, 1906

A delayed train crashes, injuring many, and making passengers frantic as help comes.

September 14, 1895

The Grand Fountain, United Order of True Reformers voted away fifty thousand dollars to purchase plans and a copyright without knowing what they were.

April 1, 1905

Henrietta Davis, “the world renowned elocutionist,” performs a concert at a Baptist church for the Macedonia Club.

September 23, 1905

The Richmond Musical and Dramatic Association performs the opera “Princess Bonnie” at the True Reformers Opera Hall.

December 21, 1907

Screen Shot 2017-12-15 at 6.12.12 PM.png
A drawing of the nativity scene; three wise men and angels watching as Jesus is being born.

April 8, 1905

John Mitchell, Jr., and the Knights of Pythias open a new lodge in North Danville, Virginia, with “a large outpouring of knights.”

November 25, 1905

The Friends Asylum for Colored Orphans asks “the generous public for donations of whatever kind.”

February 22, 1908

African American churches and organizations speak up against the “antagonistic” decisions of President Roosevelt and Secretary Taft regarding the Brownsville Order.

January 2, 1904

A reader of The Planet praises black ministers for focusing on religion rather than voting.

April 29, 1905

A photograph honors the ex-president of the St. Luke Association.
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