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January 16, 1909

A gas pocket causes a major explosion at mine leaving twenty-six workers dead, and "one lone survivor" unscathed.

January 9, 1909

Second floor of Easton Hall in Maryland gives away during a trial of a black defendant, leaving over thirty-six injured men and children.

January 2, 1909

There is a fire at a school in Oregon, and a teacher helps get the children out of the burning building before any of them are hurt.

December 23, 1899

Mitchell writes of the joyous time that is religion and church during the holidays.

November 18, 1899

Mitchell talks about the importance of desegregation in schools, and adds "the destiny of America will be finally determined by the character and teaching of the public school."

October 28, 1899

Mitchell quotes many statistics from the nation’s top colleges, and concludes that “the student cannot hope to know it all.”

October 21, 1899

A letter to the editor that certifies that Mitchell paid $100 for a death claim with regards to a member of the Knights of Pythias.

September 30, 1899

Mitchell condemns the Richmond Dispatch for a recent article, and tells the editor of that paper to “cease whining.”

January 4, 1896

John Mitchell speaks to an audience of fellow Pythians in Suffolk, garnering support.

September 3, 1898

The Planet examines two sides of a controversy in the Baptist church.
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