Colored Christian Agents Wanted

January 19, 1895


A commercial enterprise project needs Christians to help advertise the organization and to fill jobs.


Colored Christian Agents Wanted.
We can use two hundred and twenty thousand more Christian men and women for the purpose of introducing to their associates the series of commercial enterprises projected to be controlled under the H.T.A. System. Now we ask that if there is any Christian of our people in any part of America , who is moved upon by the Holy Spirit to do a work for God and humanity, we ask such a Christian lady or gentleman to accept our offer.
By the help of God we will bring about everlasting success for all who will learn of us and accept our companionship in and through life. We want Christina and young men and women who can read and write well, to introduce to their associates our manner of issuing stock and shares in the cash capital of the H.T.A. of America.
We require good reference from those seeking employment of us. We also recommend that each one send to us ($1) for an outfit to work with. We suggest each one would do well to send their picture or photograph, for it will be advantageous to each of them recommended. We will give good wages to shrewd workers and those who prove to be honest and successful, we will give them a lifetime occupations, and all will send them back their money and photos, as soon as we receive the valuables we send to them.
We will employ at least 49 Christian young ladies and such men in each on of the following cities immediately:
[Lists all major cities around the country, including all towns and cities willing to apply]
There is no humbug about this. The reason we call so particularly for Christians, is that all the business conducted in or under the H.T.A. System is managed strictly under the very best Christian influences that can be obtained throughout the continent. Thus, we have no other apology to offer for reasons.
Clip this out and sent it to fervent Christians.
Address all communications to
Rev. Justis J. Evans, Pres.,
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