S.W. Robinson

January 5, 1895


“Colored” man comes to Richmond with nothing, and becomes very successful and has become an established merchant.


S.W. Robinson
Spottswood W. Robinson was born in King William Co., Va., Dec. 15,1858, attended school in the country only six months and has never attended any educational institution since. He left King William Co., and came to Richmond and stayed with Dr. O. A. Crenshaw attending to milk dairy etc. He remained with him about one year. He then went to Mr. N. J. Smith and remained with him in business from '71 to '79. At that time he went into business for himself on Main St., bet. 18th and 19th Sts. He removed then to 16 N. 18th St., and from there to his present location, No. 23 N. 18th St.
He labored to support his widowed mother and sister and began life as a penniless boy, and as be remarked "a naked one at that."
His second marriage was in 1892 to Miss Nannie Roberts, one child, S. W. Robinson, Jr., has blessed the union. Mr. Robinson is one of the most prosperous of our city merchants. He has made rapid progress.
The value of his real estate is about $6500. He lives in comparative ease, is quiet, unassuming, devoted to his business and above all to his family and is indeed a remarkable example of what a man may accomplish in the face of dis heartening influences which may surround him.
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