Lincoln, Our Saint of Liberty

February 3, 1906


The Planet publishes a poem about Lincoln that portrays him as the “country’s savior.”


Lincoln, Our Saint of Liberty
By J.A. Edgerton
His soul was great, it held so much love. In him the simple touch of charity mere force and war’s red menace was above in conquering the years that are to be. An ever growing figure he will move Across the theater of History-- His deed to fame the love of humble folk. His monument the shackles that he broke.
So unadorned was he by circumstance the outward show on which the little great must needs depend to grain Fame’s countenance. So plain was he in speech and face and gait that those worldly wisdom looked askance When he was called of God to guide the state. So unattractive was his fleshly sheath Men failed to see the mighty soul beneath.
There his to sweety spirit touched the earth since One who died for men in Galilee, who he resembled in his patient worth, in love in meekness and simplicity. In selflessness, in humbleness of birth. In laying down his life to make men free, as that One was the Saviour of mankind, so he his country’s savior is enshrined.
Our kingliest American wust thou, and yet the lowly honor most thy name. What wreaths have I to fit thy ample brow, What words to fill measure of thy fame, When at thy shrine the proudest nations bow And all the world grows vocal with acclaim? Yet, though in grace of speech far short I fall, My love for thee is equal to them all.
Thou Moses of his younger Israel, A crown peculiar is reserved for thee. Of old for faith the saints and martyrs fell. We hail thee as our saint of liberty. They who on earth in aftertime shall dwell And who at last in truth are wholly free Will find thy name writ large on Honor’s scroll And thank their God he gave earth such a soul.
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