Sixth Grammar Grade, Baker School Leads

February 11, 1905


A sixth-grade class sets a scholarship record for Richmond public schools.


At Baker School, Sixth Grammar Grade taught by Miss Marietta L. Chiles, the pupils made a record in scholarship for the past four months work that excels any class of that grade in the Richmond Public Schools.

In a class of 31 pupils, no pupil was below the required average for the four months work and only one below 60 percent in one subject.

This is the only grade in the district schools in which the children are required to pass a regular examination, (questions from supt.) as they are to receive the Grammar School Diplomas. Every child is required to stand an average of 75 per-cent, and not fall below 60 in any subject.

The whole class was promoted with an average of 87 per-cent and made 91 percent in arithmetic, 86 per-cent in grammar, 13 first honors, (above 90 per cent), 15 second honors, (above 80 per-cent).

It is needless to say that the teacher and pupils were delighted with the half session’s work. The parents were equally jubilant and to show a token of their gratitude and appreciation, Mrs. Rosa Loving presented to Miss Chiles in their behalf last Friday afternoon at her residence, a handsome drop-light lamp.
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