Where Does the Coloured Man Come in?

January 23, 1897


A fraternity based in London, England, supports the rights of the “coloured” man in the United States.


[London, England, Fraternity.]
“To the victors belong the spoils” is the sentiment heartily accepted by the American politicians, and now that the Presidential battle is over, the claims of rival sections are being pressed with characteristic zeal. We are glad to see that the coloured citizens of the Republic are lodging their claim to recognition. They want a seat in the Cabinet, and why not? There is little doubt that to the faithful support of the coloured voter the victory of the Republican party is due. Whether the coloured citizens of the States will get any larger measure of justice from the Democratic party, or whether they will secure justice at all before they run and elect their own representatives, can be discussed at another time. The question is, having climbed to office by the aid of the Negro vote, will the Republicans give the Negro any representative in the Cabinet?
That there are many coloured men in America of high character and intellectual force goes without saying, that they are capable of filling in a satisfactory manner any post not executive of the Government is equally true. It will be interesting to watch the course of events, and judge how far the boasted interest of the Republican in the coloured citizen goes.
A black man’s vote is equal to a white man’s vote at election time, but whether the black man is equal to the white man when the election is over and the offices have been filled is a fact not so readily granted. Our view is this, that if a coloured man cannot be found who is good enough to fill a post in the Republican Cabinet, there ought not to be found a coloured voter foolish enough to vote for the Republican party in 1900. [Maybe], by that time, the coloured people of the States will have awakened to the necessity of a party of their own.
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