Gans Defeats Herman

January 5, 1907


A black boxer, Joe Gans, knocks out Herman, a white boxer, and is named champion.


Gans Defeats Herman
Colored Man Knocked Out Opponent In the Eighth Round
           Tonopah, Nev., Jan. 2.-Joe Gans fought true to the “dope.” After playing with Herman for eight rounds the champion landed a full swing on the point of Herman’s jaw, and Chicago’s favorite fighter went down and out. It was apparent from the start that Herman had little chance. Gans blocked his blows with ease and at no time was Gans worried in the least. In the first round Gans started to feel things out. Herman was willing, to fight, but the champion stalled him off. In the second round Gans began to open up. Herman’s attempts to land mostly ended in failure.
           Gans blocked Herman’s leads with glove and elbow, and when the opportunity presented itself shot right and left jolts to his opponent’s face.
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“Gans Defeats Herman,” Black Virginia: The Richmond Planet, 1894-1909, accessed March 25, 2019,