Can Cure Consumption

March 8, 1902


Doctors in the House Committee on Public Health discuss that in the next 15 years, they will be able to cure the 300,000 people suffering from consumption, a treatment involving “forced feeding, plenty of air and exercise”.


Dr. Flick Tells Jersey Legislators Disease Can Be Wiped Out in 15 Years.
Trenton, N.J., March 4.--The house committee on public health gave a hearing on the bill to establish a state home for consumptives There was a large array of physicians from all parts of the state to advocate the bill. The principal speaker was Dr. Lawrence Flick, president of the Free Hospital for Consumptives at Philadelphia.
Dr. Flick said that consumption could be cured. There are in the United States, he said, from 300,000 to 400,000 people afflicted with the disease, and the deaths from consumption reached 150,000 a year. He expressed the opinion that if $400,000,000 could be secured the disease could be entirely wiped out in 15 years. He stated that in Philadelphia since 1884, when the people began to be instructed in the treatment of consumption, the death rate from the disease had fallen off 33 per cent. In the last few years the consumption death rate in London has been reduced 50 per cent. Dr. Flick explained that the method used in the treatment of consumption to effect a cure was forced feeding, plenty of air and exercise.
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