Another Effort to Hinder Us

March 8, 1902


The Committee on Roads discusses the proposed bill for segregated streetcars by “negro-haters.” White legislators argue that it is the responsibility of the conductor to assign seats and keep them as segregated as possible.


Mr. Caton of Alexandria seems to be suffering from a severe attack of Negrophobia. He offered a bill providing separate street-cars for white and colored persons and his measure is unpopularly known as the “Jim Crow” streetcar bill. All of the street-car interests in the state combined and fought the proposition.
The result is that a compromise was effected and the Committee on Roads has unanimously reported a bill providing that the conductor shall assign seats to passengers and as far as possible keep the races separate.
How this is to be done in an open street-car is a proposition which would puzzle a Philadelphia lawyer.
In other words, the legislation upon the subject with which these Negro-haters intend to encumber our statute books enables the street-car companies to do as they please about the matter.
It is unfortunate that race prejudice has become so rampant that it is deemed necessary to yield even in this respect to the prejudice.
Viewed from any stand-point, the measure is an abomination, although the colored folks of Virginia “do not care a fig” as to what these people do.
They have nullified and trampled upon their own laws. They have usurped the power of the people. They have oppressed as in every conceivable fashion until they are well-nigh ready to order us off the face of the earth.
Well, we don’t propose to get off. We shall protest and protest. We shall agitate and agitate. We shall never willingly submit; but wait for that time when the funeral director comes around to these Negro-haters doors and carry them out to the surface of the earth where they will be placed on a level with the Negroes, who have died before, while their souls will take its flight to the realms that know no racial discrimination, for the hell-fire of the wicked destroys all colors, so it is said and the voice of the white man is similar in every respect to that of the much despised Negroes.
Let us take courage. On with your “Jim Crow” Cars! On with your acts of oppression! The Negro, proud of his manhood, defiant in his courage, and powerful in the possession of true religion, will be with you to the end. Polite and progressive, determined and aggressive, he will yet win a place in the history of the world and emblazon his name in the Temple of Fame, unmarred by the persecution to which he is now being subjected.
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“Another Effort to Hinder Us,” Black Virginia: The Richmond Planet, 1894-1909, accessed December 16, 2018,