George C. Jefferson Conducts One of the Strongest Insurance Agencies in the City

January 14, 1905


The Planet praises a black-owned insurance agency for its stability and success under the leadership of George C. Jefferson.


That “nothing succeeds like success” is well illustrated in the case of Mr. George C. Jefferson, who conducts the well-known and popular insurance agency in the Times Building.
Mr. Jefferson may be said to have been born and brought up in the business, as his first venture after leaving school was that of clerk in a large insurance office.
For ten years he served in that capacity, carefully studying the details of the business and fitting himself for success in a larger field. Twelve years ago he began business of his own accord, and from that day to this has sustained an enviable reputation in this business community.
He is assisted by two able solicitors, each of whom work under his supervision. He himself has a wide acquaintance among the people of the city and county and is personally popular with all classes.
In every city the size and importance of Richmond, it is imperative that the vast amount of insurance business necessarily transacted should pass through the hands of careful and reliable agents, and Richmond is to be congratulated in having agents of such character and stability of Mr. Jefferson and staff. The “Old Hartford” Fire Insurance Company and Accident Department of the Aetna Life Insurance Company are represented in his office. These companies represent a combined capital of $90,000,000, and are recognized as being among the strongest institutions in America.
Mr. Jefferson is a man of marked business ability, backed by a world of energy. He has the ability to make warm friends of chance acquaintance and has not less reason to feel proud of his social tact than of his financial success.
A long personal acquaintance with Mr. Jefferson justifies us in recommending his Agency to our readers.
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“George C. Jefferson Conducts One of the Strongest Insurance Agencies in the City,” Black Virginia: The Richmond Planet, 1894-1909, accessed May 21, 2019,