To Take up the Fight

November 18, 1899


This is a letter to the editor that says that issues in America stem from labor, and that the racial divide can be solved through labor unions.


I have written to a Chicago paper (The People’s Press) to take up the fight there and I now write to the PLANET. A national committee should be organized at once in Richmond to correspond with labor unions and lab or parties all over the Nation. The is supremely a labor question.
We now begin to see the full and hideous proportion of the deadly danger to American liberty growing out of the triumph of the principle of race-despotism of the south. If there had been no color line race caste ruled South Carolina, Mississippi and Louisiana, sanctioned by a prostituted and venal political partisan, federal judiciary and upheld by the tactic sympathy of a Republican President, there would have been no military suppression of liberty in Cuba. there would have been no Filipino horror (race-despotism upheld by Federal authorities a la South Carolina) there would have been no organized American Military Imperialism with its Idaho bullpen there would have been no alliances between the federal Imperialists and the Papacy, an unholy alliance which is the despair of a free humanity.
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“To Take up the Fight,” Black Virginia: The Richmond Planet, 1894-1909, accessed June 20, 2019,