He Sat on a Cat

October 7, 1899


A Chicago man sits on a cat in a restaurant and the waitstaff is required to remove it from him.


And, Perhaps Needless to Say, the Fat Man Didn’t Keep His Seat So Very Long.
The man who sits down in a chair on which the baby has spread molasses has cause for anger. But the unfortunate individual who goes into a public restaurant for the purpose of satisfying the inner man and sits down in a chair on which a placid feline lies snoozing has good reason for allowing both anger and surprise to take possession of him. This is, says the Chicago Daily News, what one citizen of Chicago did yesterday, much to the amusement of other guests of the “eating house.”
A black cat who had been up all night and was just trying to get a little noonday beauty sleep in a chair was rudely awakened by about 200 pounds of human anatomy sitting upon her. She gave a wild discordant shriek of regret and sunk her claws into the man. She hung on for life and screamed as loud as she could. She was frightened, so was the man to whom she was closely attached.
When the big man felt the presence of the kitty he gave a sonorous bellow and made a grab for the cat. He also started for the door. He was separated from the cat by the help of a few waiters and customers.
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