A Horrible Crime

September 2, 1899


A mob who beat a black couple and raped the black man’s wife in front of him go free, and the town’s sheriff makes “no effort to arrest the guilty parties.”


It is now asserted on the authority of the Barnwell, S.C. Sentinel that a colored man and his wife were victims of a most fiendish outrage in Greenwood County, South Carolina.
After whipping him barbarously they raped his wife in his presence. This occurred about two weeks ago. We have not as yet seen the flaming headlines which tell of this action of demons.
No mobs are scouring the country for the lawless parties. No proclamation has been issued by the Governor of South Carolina, and no dissertation upon the depravity of the white race has appeared in any of the papers of the country.
The fiends have not been arrested, and the sheriff of Greenwood country has made no effort to arrest the guilty parties.
We are told that laws must be upheld and the law-breakers punished.
We have waited for of our contemporaries who have been calling upon colored journals to condemn the crime and the criminals to note what attitude they will assume towards the horrible crime.
Rape on the part of colored men is no worse than rape on the part of white ones.
If colored men deserve the stake, white men deserve the stake. The basis of equality should not be disturbed either in the courts of justice or in the arena of honor.
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“A Horrible Crime,” Black Virginia: The Richmond Planet, 1894-1909, accessed May 21, 2019, http://blackvirginia.richmond.edu/items/show/1710.