Wonderful Discovery

January 9, 1904


With Ozonized Ox Marrow, African Americans can attain straight hair.


This wonderful hair pomade is the only safe preparation in the world that makes kinky or curly hair straight as shown above. Furnishes the scalp, prevents the hair from falling out or breaking off, cures dandruff and makes  hair grow long and silky. Sold over forty years and used by thousands. Warranted harmless. It was the first preparation ever sold for straightening kinky hair. Beware of imitations. Get the Original Ozonized Ox Marrow as the genuine never fails to keep the hair straight, soft and beautiful, giving it that healthy, life-like appearance so much desired. A toilet necessity for ladies, gentlemen and children. Elegantly perfumed. Owing to its superior and lasting qualities it is the best and most economical. It is not possible for anybody to produce a preparation equal. To it. Full directions with every bottle. Only 50 cents. Sold by druggists and dealers or send us 50 cents for one bottle or 1.40$ for three bottles. We pay all express charges. Send postal or express money order. Please mention name of this paper with ordering. Write your name plainly to
76 wabash ave., Chicago, Illinois
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