The Colored Pugilist Wins

November 28, 1896


Bob Armstrong, a black boxer, takes a victory on the national stage.


New York, November 23. - Frank P. Slavin, of Australia, wound up his career of defeat in this country by quitting in the fourth round of his battle with Bob Armstrong, of Chicago, before the Union Park Athletics Club to-night. Armstrong was by no means a star, and if Slavin had been a good second rater he could have disposed of the colored man.
The Australian has seen his best days, and was by no means entitled to make the demand he did before he went on. Having signed for a percentage, he was dissatisfied with the house, and endeavored to back out. Armstrong expressed himself as ready to box.
After arguments, some of the Australian's friends induced him to stick to his agreement, and he entered the ring at 10:50. Armstrong having been waiting for him therefor nearly fifteen minutes. They shook hands at 11:20. Armstrong weighed 185 and Slavin 178 pounds. Sam C. Austin was referee.
Round 1 - After a moment's fiddling Slavin led with the left, but was stopped and countered on the mouth. Every time Slavin tried to land he was stopped by Armstrong's left. The colored man put a right on the body and left on the neck, and sent his man to the floor with a right on the neck. Armstrong punched the Australian right and left, and had him against the ropes when the bell rang.
Round 2 - Armstrong shot his long left to the jaw, and easily avoided Frank's awkward rushes. Armstrong rushed, and forced Slavin against the ropes, punching him, while the referee seemed unable to break the men.
At last, being separated, they went at it hammer and tongs, clinching all over the ring. Slavin landed his right on the jaw, and both were in distress when the bell rang.
Round 3 - Slavin rushed, but got one in the neck from Armstrong's right. Slavin was groggy, but fought back gamely. Armstrong swung right and left on the jaw, and Frank clinched to save himself. Slavin then came in with a couple of hard rights on neck and jaw, and Armstrong was groggy when the bell rang.
Round 4 - Armstrong opened with a left on the nose, bringing blood. Slavin got in a hard body blow, but a left on the neck sent him to the floor He got up, and shoved his left three times on the colored man's wind. Armstrong landed some terrific punches and Slavin threw up his hands and quit, after two minutes and fifty-six seconds.
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