The Hanging of Spiller

June 16, 1894


A black man is hanged after being convicted of the rape and murder of a white prostitute.


Lawrence Spiller, colored, who was convicted of criminally assaulting and murdering Lottie Rowe, a young white woman of questionable character was legally hang Friday 8th, inst. At Staunton, VA.
This is as it should have been. We have no sympathy to offer, and even though he was drunk at the time he committed the dastardly Act. it was plainly evidence that he possessed a nature to vicious and sensual for a residence upon this Earth.
Had Spiller Ben White we should have been of this opinion. We are not apologist for crime, but will insist that where punishment is to meted, the law shall be allowed to do it.
Any man be he white or black who is guilty of rape should be legally executed.
It would be well for the illiterate, ignorant, and dishes of both races to understand that the law prescribes death even for the raping of a prostitute.
A colored man has been hand for criminally assaulting a white woman.
Now that's a white man be swung up should he be proven guilty of criminally assaulting [unintelligent]
Lynch law must go!
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“The Hanging of Spiller,” Black Virginia: The Richmond Planet, 1894-1909, accessed July 7, 2020,