Makers of Our Laws

January 27, 1906


A senator in Virginia introduces a bill to separate “colored” and “white” taxes for separate racial funding.


Makers of Our Laws
State Senator Camm Patteson
Of Buckingham County, Virginia,
Now known to the Colored People of this State as Senator “Damm” Patteson
(With apologies to the Richmond, Va., Times-Dispatch
The above is a character sketch of State Senator Camm Patteson of Buckingham County, Virginia, who offered the bill, providing for a constitutional amendment for the separation of the taxes of the white and colored people of this State. His idea is that only the money received from the taxes of the colored, people shall be expended in support of the colored schools. The colored people in the meantime are presenting him with a bill for services rendered extending over a period of 250 years, upon the payment of which bill they will cordially co-operate with him in the passage of his measure.
So far as the majority of the white people of the State is concerned, his bill is about as badly crippled as he seems to be. He may not be a “broken-down” politician, but he seems to be a very badly “broken-up” one. The Richmond, (Va) News Leader expresses the hope that his bill will never be seen or heard of again out-side of the committee room and this sentiment seems to have been re-echoed by the white press of Virginia. The above sketch of Senator Patteson appeared in the Richmond, (va) Times-Dispatch of Wednesday, January 24th, 1906, and it shows the type of Negro-haters who engage in a merciless warfare upon one of the kindliest races of people on the face of the globe.
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“Makers of Our Laws ,” Black Virginia: The Richmond Planet, 1894-1909, accessed April 18, 2019,