The Conference and Fair Elections

August 10, 1895


The Planet believes the promotion of fair elections are “excellent” after the meeting of the Fair Elections conference in Petersburg, Virginia.


The Fair Elections Conference held at Petersburg last week has met and adjourned.
Its recommendations of the elections bill for the promotion of fair elections are excellent, but the composition of the meeting was not such as to inspire the hope that its suggestions will be soon acted upon and that a political upheaval will be the early result of its deliberations.
So far as we have been able to observe, this non-partisan conference studiously excluded the Virginian of African descent, and yet admitted to its sessions Gen. William Mahone, a gentleman whose presence would do the cause more harm than that of a dozen citizens of darker hue.
However we endorse the result, although we may disapprove of the method by which it was obtained.
We assert with confidence that until the “wheel-horses” of the Democratic Party, men trusted by the people lead the revolution against the present system of bossism and political corruption, there can be no practical results obtained.
The slim attendance of the Conference and the little interest manifested by the people at large, make it reasonably certain to our mind that the people are content to bear the burden a while longer and submit to a species of political serfdom which not only brutalize the better nature but causes the lowering of himself in his own estimation.
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“The Conference and Fair Elections,” Black Virginia: The Richmond Planet, 1894-1909, accessed July 17, 2019,