Mr. Cleveland’s Utterances

May 1, 1897


Ex-President Cleveland criticizes the current administration and the republican policies of McKinley for the future.


The speech of the ex-President Cleveland delivered at the dinner of the Reform Club of New York, Saturday, April 24th, was a ringing cause to the divided hosts of Democracy, and intended as a severe rebuke to the Republican plan for the relief of the government.
Gauged by its tone, one would conclude, that in Mr. Cleveland alone was combined the hope of his party for the future and that the possibility of his being its standard bearer in 1900 is not at all remote.
Mr. Cleveland is bitterly opposed to an increase of the tariff duties. How then are we to raise sufficient revenue for the support of the government? He would have us tinker with the financial question, but that seems to have adjusted itself, inasmuch as the gold reserve remains above the limit set by the government.
Mr. Cleveland should recognize the change for the better and give the friends of sound finance and good government a chance. Mr. McKinley and a Republican Congress will redeem the pledges made by the people.
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“Mr. Cleveland’s Utterances,” Black Virginia: The Richmond Planet, 1894-1909, accessed December 16, 2018,