Yet Much Trouble to Save His Life

August 19, 1899


A white man shoots a homeless black man, and the black man is arrested after asking for food at a farm house.


A company of the Capital City Guards, under command of Captain Barker, arrived here late to-night, from Jackson, Ga., escorting Lewis Williams, a tramp colored man, to the Atlanta jail, for safekeeping.
The colored man appeared at the farm house of McKinney Watkins, a quarter of a mile from Jackson, this morning, and asked for food. He was refused and left the house. Soon after Mrs. Watkins saw him returning, but before he reached the door she picked up her baby and ran screaming from the house.
Her husband, supposed that she was about to be assaulted, captured the man half a mile from the house, being joined by several of his neighbors. The colored man was wounded by pistol-shot and easily captured. He was taken to jail, but a large crowd assembling, the Sheriff wired Governor Candler for assistance. The Governor quickly summoned the Capital City Guards and dispatched them to Jackson.
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“Yet Much Trouble to Save His Life,” Black Virginia: The Richmond Planet, 1894-1909, accessed January 16, 2019,